AaLadin Product Features

AaLadin Pressure washers are engineered to get the job done.  As our numerous cutting edge features suggest, our design teams are creating the pressure washers you can count on when people are counting on you.

Green Technology 
Why is our Green Technology important to you?  
Two reasons – it saves you money, and it’s good for the environment.

AaLadin sets the standard when it comes to green pressure washers.  Our (patent pending) exchange heat recovery system recycles the “waste” heat other manufacturers release into the environment, and uses it to preheat the hot water you clean with. Reduced fuel consumption, fewer emissions, less heat entering the environment, those are good things.  How efficient are we?  Hold your hand over the escaping air from one of our Green Technology heat chambers.  The air is just warm.  Don’t do the same if you are checking out our competition – you’ll get burned.
In fact, we make stationary hot water pressure washers that are so efficient, their exhaust venting can be made of PVC tubing instead of the metal ducting required by comparable machines!

Unique insulation  
The idea behind a pressure washer is to heat the pressurized water.  Heating the world around you is inefficient.  AaLadin uses unique insulation products and techniques to keep the heat where it belongs.  You spend less on fuel, and the environment stays a bit cooler.

Swivel Wheels
If you planned to just push your portable pressure washer back and forth, the wheels other pressure washer companies use would be fine.  I bet you were planning on making some turns!
With all four wheels locked in one direction, other portable pressure washers need to be tilted back in order to turn them.  This forces the user to support a portion of the unit’s weight.  A loss of footing with that additional weight can result in a serious workplace injury.  AaLadin pressure washers have four wheels – stable.  They also have swivel wheels – no tilting is necessary.  Why don’t more pressure washer manufacturers have swivel wheels on their machines?  They cost a little more.  We think our customers are worth it.

Flat Free Tires
Portable pressure washers aren’t very portable when they get a flat tire.
Inflatable tires go flat.  Solid tires have a tough time rolling over obstacles.  Our flat free tires are designed to avoid both problems.  Enough said.

Clutch drive 
What happens when your pressure washer is running…but you aren’t spraying water?
Most pressure washers put the water in “bypass”, pumping water around in a loop while the engine runs but you aren’t spraying water.  The water heats up and the pump is working hard while nothing is getting cleaned.  The clutch drive is another AaLadin innovation.  It lets the pump rest when it isn’t needed.  This reduces stress on the pressure washer’s systems and helps your pump last longer.  We have numerous units with clutches.  Other manufacturers do not.  The clutch is just one way we design equipment that is able to perform longer, under the toughest conditions.  That’s a good thing.  It’s an AaLadin thing.

Rigorous testing 
Do all manufacturers test every hot water pressure washer they build? OK, we are fanatics.  Our competition, not so much.  We don’t test every 100th pressure washer, or even one unit from every batch.  We test them all.
Our engineers design it.  The prototype pressure washer gets tested in our lab to make sure it works as anticipated.  We tweak it.  Then our trained teams build it in quantity.  We test each one that rolls off of our assembly area to make sure it performs as designed.  We are fanatics when it comes to safety and performance.  That is why you will love your AaLadin pressure washer.

Versatile Equipment - Choices
Henry Ford once said that his customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.  He would have been disappointed with AaLadin – we love offering choices! Portable, trailer mounted (with self contained water if needed), or permanently installed – powered by gasoline, diesel, propane, or electricity – water heated by diesel, propane, or electricity.  We make them all.  You need choices.  We offer choices.  We also design custom units for specific applications – if you don’t see exactly what you need, let us know.  Maybe we can make the units you are looking for.