AaLadin - A family owned business

A family owned business is always a work in process.  The first generation is mentoring the second generation.  The third generation is starting out like the first and second generation did, mowing the grass at the factory, cleaning up, learning about the business from the ground up.  We think in terms of the long haul, the big picture – decades from now, and grandkids. Publicly traded and investor owned companies can’t really take the same long term perspective, after all, they have to please shareholders and investors on a quarterly basis.  Short term profits and dividends rule.  We feel that when you think short term, you tend to design and build for the short term – feeling the future will be someone else’s problem.
AaLadin is all about being the best, a company that’s built to last.  So is the equipment we build, you see ultimately it's our signature on it. We hope that matters to you as much as it matters to us.