Industry Trailblazers

We pioneer new products and set the standards others follow. We proudly bear the “Made in the USA” stamp.

We do a job, and do it well.

Our Values Define Us

  • Integrity

    Honesty is more than good business, it’s good people doing good business.

  • Innovation

    We espouse a customer-centric R&D, creating products the consumer and market demands.

  • Respect

    We believe respect for our customer and respect for our planet are mutual.

  • Sustainability

    Good citizenship means being good stewards of our land. Our products power a cleaner and greener future.

  • Dedication to Quality

    Only premium materials and components make premium products. And we do it right here in South Dakota.

Our Pioneering Spirit

AaLadin was born on the plains of South Dakota, a section of the American heartland associated with hard work and perseverance.

When Pat Wingen, Bill Busker, and Eldean Kjose founded AaLadin in January 1981, they identified an industry need: quality high-pressure cleaning equipment. But it wasn’t enough to simply produce more washers; they’d revolutionize the field: “We’re going to build the best equipment possible and change the image of this industry.” And they succeeded.

Why “AaLadin”? Because their cleaning equipment “magically” transformed dirty objects into pristine ones. And the double “A”? It cleverly kept the company first in the yellow pages (remember those?).

Allusions to magic and creative spelling aside, AaLadin’s impressive growth is rooted in reality: it has consistently been an industry innovator and produces premium-quality pressure washers and parts. AaLadin doesn’t just adhere to industry standards, it establishes them, and its reputation for quality and integrity make it the leader in the pressure washer industry.

The virtues of honesty, integrity, and pride, coupled with quality, performance, and a true love for this industry, have kept the American Dream that is AaLadin alive and thriving.